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Gold-streak is a darking, and appears in The Realms of the Gods. He is named this since he has a gold streak on his body. He is the first Darking that Daine meets. Out of the three main darkings that she encounters, he is the only one to survive.

He is first found by Queenclaw, and deposited into Sarra's apron pocket. He escaped from that, since there had been a hole in it. He was again seen by Weiryn, who shot it. Daine managed to seal the hole in its center, however, and it fled under a bush. When eating at Weiryn's cottage, Daine fed Gold-streak some cheese. Later, when Daine went swimming, the darking was seen again, trying to warn her of Ozorne's plan to send a Tauros after her. Gold-Streak recruited Leaf and Jelly to not do as Ozorne wanted. It was after the fight on the bridge, where Leaf and Jelly were met, that he acquired his golden streak.

Gold-streak went with the Badger to bring the other Darkings to Daine's side, and teach them freedom and choosing. He helped the Badger fight the three-headed chaos snake. Gold-Streak was last heard of going to the Dragolands. It is assumed that he may be the parent of some of the Darkings in Trickster's Queen.

It is certain that he is still alive several years later, as proven in Tricksters Queen. When Aly first meets the Darkings, Quartz informs her "Some stay. Gold Streak stay. Olders stay. We go", proving that Daine's old companion is indeed still alive.

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