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Gods are powerful, immortal beings who wield power over the lives of mortals in the Living Realms. Father Universe and Mother Flame are the parents of the Great Gods, chiefly Mithros and the Great Mother Goddess who are the king and queen of the gods, respectively. The majority of gods in the Tortallan Universe reside in the Divine Realms, though Uusoae resides in Chaos, the Dark God oversees the Peaceful Realms, and Gainel, the Dream King, has one foot in Chaos and one in the Realms of the Gods.

There are Great Gods, Lesser Gods, and Animal Gods in the Tortallan Pantheon. Though there are relatively few Great Gods, there are many Lesser Gods who serve minor geographical regions or have very specific areas of influence.

Every animal species has its own god and goddess, though only a few are named or seen in the novels, particularly in The Realms of the Gods in the Immortals Quartet.

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