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The God's Swords are the most sacred relics of the Yamani Islands.

The Legend

The fire goddess Yama gave the two golden swords to her children. The short sword is the sword of law, without which the Yamani consider people to be animals. The long sword is the sword of duty, the killing sword. The Yamanis believe that without duty to lords, to families, and to the law, people are less than animals[1].

The Pirate Attack

In the year 447 HE, the Imperial Palace is attacked by Scanran raiders who want to try to steal the Yamani Islanders' most valuable and sacred artifacts, the Gods' Swords. Ilane of Mindelan, a Tortallan baroness and diplomat, rescues the swords from the pirates and defends herself and her daughter using a Yamani naginata. It is for this reason that the emperor welcomes the Mindelan family into his inner circle and agrees to a treaty and marriage alliance with Tortall[2].


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