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Gladiators were Carthaki slaves forced to fight in arena games to entertain the emperors and their citizens. There were a few arenas in Carthak where gladiators would fight, but the most prestigious was located in the capital. A young Arram Draper attended the games on several occasions with his friends and with family, and worked as a healer in the arena for two weeks while in school to learn more about combat injuries and surgery. Gladiator games included one-on-one combats, group fights, competitions against animals, and chariot races. The gladiators were normally kept within the arena walls, though they were let out occasionally for plague duty in the city, carried the dead to burial fires. When inside the arena they were continuously watched by area guards, and when outside carried a mage mark on them that would kill them if they tried to wander off.[1]

Known Gladiators in the 430s HE

Animals in the Games

  • Ua - elephant (belonged to Kipepeo)
  • Tacuma - tiger (belonged to Gueda

Others Employed at the Arena

Notes and References

  1. Tempests and Slaughter
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