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The Gate Lords were a Chammuri street gang in 1039 KF. Their gang sign was a combination of a white, sleeveless tunic, black brocade sash and black trousers. Formerly they had been the most powerful, richest and largest gang in the city, until the Vipers gained power with the help of Lady Zenadia doa Attaneh. Both gangs didn't get on well, mostly because Ikrum Fazhal, the Viper's leader, liked the sister of the Gate Lords' leader, of which the latter didn't approve. The Vipers eventually sent two former Camelguts, Mai and Douna, to lure the tesku of the Gate Lords away so the Vipers could kill him. The Gate Lords took revenge on Douna by killing her and Mai only escaped because she could leave their territory disguised by the help of Briar Moss.

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