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Garnett is a baker on Stuvek Street in the Lower City of Corus. His shop is prosperous-looking and he can afford several apprentices who work the counters while he minds the money box. Garnett and his wife usually checked some of their coins for their authenticity. Around the middle of August of 247 HE they discovered that they had false coins in the money box. When they found more coins every week Garnett hired guards for his shop and checked every silver coin he got, making the people paying with false money pay a fee—or rather bribe—of five coppers so he won't pass their names along to the Provost's Guard. Garnett didn't report the false coins he found to the guard but painted the cuts over again and passed them along to customers.[1] He discovered three fake coins with Tansy Lofts on the seventh day of September.[2] Garnett later was arrested by the Provost's Guard for passing along false coins, which probably got him a death sentence.[3]

Although he can write, he doesn't seem to be very comfortable with it, which makes Beka wonder if he hasn't learned it recently.[4]

He only appears as a minor character in the beginning of Bloodhound and is first mentioned by Tansy when she tells Rebakah Cooper of the false coins Garnett found. The next day Beka and Tunstall visit the baker in the early morning to get information from him, including a list of names from customers found with fake coins.

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