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God of Dreams
Powers Dream Walking
Sacred Animals
Human Beneficiary
Biographical information
Aliases Dream King
Race God
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Like the Universe
Other Traits
Family information
Parents Father Universe
Mother Flame
Siblings Great Gods
Lesser Gods
Other family
Rank Great God
Residence Divine Realms
Chaos Realms
(One foot in each Realm)
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
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Only Appearance The Realms of the Gods
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Gainel (pronounced GIGH-nehll), also referred to as the Dream King, is a god in the Tortallan Universe pantheon. He is worshipped as a Great God all through the Eastern and Southern Lands.


Territorial designations

Gainel is the god of dreams. As dreams are hectic and chaotic, Gainel has one foot in the Divine Realms and one foot in the Chaos Realms, reflecting the chaos in dreams. He is the only Great God who is unable to go into the Mortal Realms at will, except to bring dreams to humans. He is unable to speak to mortals outside of his dreams, but can communicate with other divine beings using his thoughts.

Sacred animals, objects, and magic

It is unknown if Gainel has any specific sacred animals, but as he did mention that he used to craft dreams and nightmares based on the immortals that ran rampant in the Mortal Realms before their banishment, they must be his sacred animals. By extension, all things that can be used to craft dreams could be considered sacred to Gainel.

He has a very beautiful and very intricate cloak, that may have magical aspects to it. He always wears it, but gave it briefly to Veralidaine Sarrasri in order to clothe her before her hearing.


It is unknown of Gainel has a designated priesthood.


Gainel is described by Daine as being tall with a pale face framed with unruly dark hair. His eyes were shadowy pits that seemed to go on forever. He wore a beautiful cloak.

Involvement during the Immortals War

Gainel, having become good friends with the Green Lady frequented her and Weiryn's home. He helped Veralidaine Sarrasri and Numair Salmalín. He was not involved in the talks hosted by the Great Gods on what to do with Uusoae, the Queen of the Chaos Realms, as he himself was part Chaos, making his position awkward. He did not side with her, however, and instead sided with the gods and entities of the Divine Realms. He was quite worried about the amount of power that Uusoae had amassed.

Throughout Daine's and Numair's travels in the Divine Realms, Gainel sent Daine dreams about the war, and showed her the struggle between Uusoae and her siblings, the Great Gods. He also divulged who Uusoae's pawns were, one of them the stormwing, Ozorne Tasikhe, the former Emperor Mage of Carthak. This information was valuable, as it showed the Tortallans who exactly to look for.

Personality and traits

Like the other Great Gods, Gainel is wise, old, and experienced. He is very kind and is willing to lend his help to the Mortal cause, even when the other Great Gods refuse, as they were busy fighting Uusoae.


He appears in The Realms of the Gods.

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