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Tamora Pierce is planning several future novels, many of which are to be set in the Tortallan Universe, although some will also return to the Emelanese Universe.

Tortallan Universe

The Guide

  • A Spy's Guide to Tortall: From the Desk of George Cooper
  • "Are you going to have any fan involvement in your companion book?

Well, I have two--sorta four--fans involved already, my friend Jules and the afore-mentioned q_samabing the known fans, while my Spouse-Creature and my assistant Cara claim to be fans. We can't have a lot of people working on the book. It'll just be a mess. I'm only supplying materials, notes, and answers. The work belongs to Tim, Cara, and Jules. Better them than me![1]

  • Tortall Companion Guide: PUBLICATION DATE TBA.[2] by All information known about it came from Pierce's other statements on the internet, mostly her public livejournal. Amongst other things there will be included more detailed maps[3].
  • At last, we have an official title. Since it’s a collection of documents from the work room of George Cooper, it will (appropriately enough!) be called A SPY’S GUIDE TO TORTALL: FROM THE DESK OF GEORGE COOPER. There will be an array of new information about the country and characters, immortals never seen in the books, and everything from a breakdown of the Tortallan military to personal correspondence.[4]
  • The Companion is now THE SPY GUIDE.[5]
  • Thanks to heroic efforts by Julie Holderman, Tim Liebe, and contributor Megan Messinger, the first draft of the TORTALL COMPANION BOOK is in! This includes a spy manual, documents on the military and university structure, bios of selected characters, a listing of and information about the immortals (including some you haven't encountered), an exchange of letters between Wyldon and King Jon regarding Wyldon's takeover of the training program for pages, the training of the Queen's Riders, and much more! Cara Coville is still working on coats of arms and I on maps, but the text itself is in the editor's hot little hands.[6] - July 7th, 2011
  • Anticipated 2017. By Julie Holderman, Tamora Pierce, Megan Messinger, Timothy Liebe, and Cara Coville: A collection of documents from within the realms of Tortall. There will be an array of new information about the country and characters, immortals never seen in the books, and everything from a breakdown of the Tortallan military to personal correspondence. Features everything from Queen's Riders recruitment material, to a detailed account of the sealing of the Divine Realms, to correspondence about the minor adventures of major characters. A must-have for any Tortall fan, it will also include the story of Aly's first mission - and the reason her parents refused to let her go on any others - along with illustrations of characters and "personnel files" kept by the Whisper Man himself.[7]
  • Alanna is about to present George with a little surprise.  She claims she is going to stay home and raise this one, but just in case, George decides to clear out the room next to his office that he used as a nursery when Thom and the twins were small. In recent years he's been using it to store miscellaneous papers, and that's what we see in the GUIDE--the results as George goes through a particular box, including Daine's notes on immortals, reports from different parts of the realm on sightings of the immortals, an exchange of letters between Jon, Wyldon, and Gareth the Elder on whether Wyldon will accept the office of Training Master, John Juggler's handbook for the Nursemaids who will train beginning-level Sparrows (agents), Geeorge's own guide for a young spy (Aly), and all sorts of other goodies![8]
  • George and Alanna's hinted at new child's name likely starts with Da.[9]
  • I took the opportunity of a visit to the gynecologist yesterday (don’t ask) to talk to the doctor about the value, or not, of swaddling, also about when it’s time to change the swaddles, so I haven’t been *completely* wasting my time. On the upside, I have had a professional give me the information I needed, so the downside–that I have to go back through a story yet AGAIN and correct some of the baby-handling stuff–isn’t too dreadful. I thought diapers under swaddling was a bit extreme, but I didn’t *know* until now. And I gave my doctor a smile, which was nice.[10]
  • @TamoraPierce Could we get more short stories and quick peeks into Tortall? @yellow_lime The Spy's Guide to Tortall (October 2017) will have lots of those![11]
  • I think you'll like what you learn about Uline in the Spy's Guide to Tortall![11]
  • There may be a character named Falcon Treetop. [12]

Exile Series (Trilogy)


This trilogy will feature Numair Salmalín in the time before The Immortals quartet. It'll probably be set both in Carthak, detailing his friendship and estrangement with Ozorne, and in Tortall, showing how Numair managed to survive when he first arrived there. It will span Number's life from age 10 (when he was a 10 year old - 17 year old student at the School for Mages) to age 20. The Old Ones and/or the Ysandir may be mentioned.[9] Numair will meet an old friend.[17] He will go through puberty.[18] There may be raptors.[19] There may be songbirds[20] and owls[21]. He will get in trouble with the headmaster by trying something that led to lightning and thunder during a lesson. It wasn’t on purpose.[22]

  • Tempests and Slaughter (Exile # 1),[23] Anticipated 2018.[2][24] In which we learn of Numair's last years at the university of Carthak, the beginning of his conflict with the newly-made Emperor Ozorne (Numair's best friend), his quick departure from Carthak, and how he survives afterward. This was originally conceived with the title "Numair: The Early Years"
  • The Exile's Gift (Exile # 2), EXILE: Part 2, in which Arram goes into exile, takes the name "Numair Samalin", and how he survives afterwards before finally coming to Tortall"[25]
  • Exile # 3 The third volume is set shortly after Lioness Rampant and will therefore also feature a younger Jon and Thayet, showing how their reign was in their early days.[26]

Prequel Series[8]

Another series set 400 years before the events in the Alanna series

  • It will occur when the Eastern and Southern lands were all one empire, shortly before the mages gather to banish the immortals to the Realms of the Gods. The empire collapses, and the Eastern and Southern Lands are formed (such as Tortall and Carthak).
  • The immortals were thought to be too much of a pain to share the same lands. It is set 200 years before Beka.[13]
  • It will be feature younger characters (age 10-12), on Pierce's editor's advice[13]
  • The next Tortall project will be about a group of kids from before the Immortals were banished.[11]

"On my editor's advice I'm going to take a new turn, and head back in time to 400 years in the past, around the fall of the empire that included all of the Eastern and Southern Lands, and the banishing of the immortals to the Realms of the Gods." - From a AMA on Reddit

Short Stories 

Another Collection of Short Stories.[13] This will feature short stories set in contemporary Tortall. [8]

Estimated release: 2018 [13]

Possibly included characters: [8][9][27]

  • A darking (hopefully)[8]
  • Maura
  • Kyprish Characters
  • Aly, Nawat and the nestlings
  • Qiom and Fadal[27]
  • Teky
  • Neal
  • Tobe
  • Characters in the Yamani Islands
  • Kel
  • Beka
  • Beka's new partner and puppy[11]
  • Eda Bell as a girl[27]
  • Neal's daughter[27]
  • Owen[27]
  • Kel and a girl squire[27]
  • Irnai[27]
  • Daine and Numair in Tyra[27]
  • Sarralyn (Daine and Humair's daughter), escaping from Numair's tower (near Pirate's Swoop)[13]
  • Dom[27]
  • A short Alanna story (in the collection of Short Stories, or with a new version of an older Alanna book.[28]
  • A short story about Alanna's son's oldest daughter's life - she breaks away from her parents[13]

First Test: Graphic Novel

Script is done. Publication date TBA.[29]

Remainder of Protecter of the small as a graphic novel.[30]

On Hold/Not to be Published

Maura of Dunlath[31][32][33]

  • ?[2]: A yet untitled novel featuring Maura of Dunlath, very tentatively scheduled for publication in 2015, the last novel Tamora Pierce is under contract so far. This title is currently on hold; as of 2015 she was not planning to write it..[8]
"PUBLICATION TBA: untitled Tortall universe book, about the coming-of-age of Maura of Dunlath, and how she finds her own unique place in the realm, in Random House hardcover in the U.S. and Canada"
—Anouncement on Pierce's website
Tamora Pierce has revealed more details for the novel's plot in April 2009:
"Well, it begins when she's 15, and her guardian, Sir Douglass, breaks the dreadful news to her that her aunt says it's time she acted like a noble, and has summoned Maura to be her lady-in-waiting. Since she's blood family, Sir Douglass doesn't feel he can refuse. So Maura goes to her aunt, along with her counsellors, a wolf, a squirrel, and an ogre (a small one).
It sorta goes downhill from there.
—Tamora Pierce on Random Buzz

Kel's Squire[32][34]

Untitled book about Kel and her Squire seen from her squire's (one of the girls Kel met during the tournament in Squire) point of view. So far Pierce hasn't contracted for this novel, which she plans to write after the Maura books. [35] This is currently on hold.[8][36]

Possibly a wing full of pages, once the girls Pierce has in mind are old enough.[37]


Additional Tricksters: Daughter of the Lioness book, because things in the Copper Isles aren't settled yet. This is currently on hold; as of 2015 she was no where near the Copper Isles.[8][36]

Emelanese Universe


  • PUBLICATION DATE TBA:[2] An untitled novel featuring Trisana Chandler and her attempt to become a normal mage by enrolling at the University of Lightsbridge.[11]
  • Anticipated 2020[13]
  • The forthcoming Circle book is set after the events of Empress, and will follow Tris as she enrolls "at the mages' university in Lightsbridge under an assumed name, in an attempt to become an ordinary mage practicing normal academic magic (spells, charms, potions) with no one knowing her real name or power." She does so after realizing that her prospective employers only want to use her weather craft as war magic.[39]
  • Tris leaves Little Bear with Lark and Glaki, but takes Chime. She is able to use her magic to do tasks performed by academic mages. She takes an assumed name (possibly Treza). She wants to open a shop to sell herbs an simples, and needs a certificate from Winding Circle or Lightsbridge. She chooses Lightsbridge because she wants no special treatment and because of the libraries. She has a roommate who acts like "a perfectly nice young lady until her papa leaves town, when she becomes a party animal." Her advisor is Tim Gunn (Project Runway), "who soon realizes there's something up with this new student." "Tris waits tables at an eating-house that caters to the City Guard for spending money, where she meets a sergeant of the guard, a tall, shaggy-haired, goofy were bear with two small children" [8][9]
"PUBLICATION DATE TBA: untitled Circle universe book, in which Tris enrolls at the mages' university in Lightsbridge under an assumed name, in an attempt to become an ordinary mage practicing normal academic magic (spells, charms, potions) with no one knowing her real name or power, Scholastic hardcover in the U.S. and Canada"
—Anouncement on Pierce's website

On Hold/Not to be Published

Daja Book

Currently on hold.[8]

A Daja and Sandry travel to find Colederran book

Will Sandry become Duchess when Vedris dies?

 No. The line of inheritance would pass to his sons. His middle son, Gospard, has no interest in leaving his position with the Navy. The youngest, Franzen, plans to inherit. Vedris doesn’t plan to let him. 

His eldest son Colederran was disowned a long time ago. Vedris recently learned Cole has been working in the far north, guarding merchant caravans. He plans to send someone to go find Cole and bring him back to Emelan, which is a bit of a problem, since it needs to be someone he trusts. Briar is sick to death of traveling. Tris is going to be busy. So it will probably be Sandry and Daja. No matter what Sandry says, she’s not letting her go on her own.[40]

In "The Will of the Empress" it is mentioned that Sandry is very involved in helping out Duke Vedris, and there was speculation that he might name her as his heir. However, Tamora Pierce says:

"Sandry does not become Vedris's heir. Gaspard, the admiral, wouldn't give a hoot, but Franzen would--it would be civil war. There is a solution, but it takes some doing. Years ago his grace disowned his oldest son [Colederran]. Somebody has to go and find him, and judge whether he is fit to rule. Then he has to agree to rule, and come back and convince Dad he's interested and fit." - AMA on Reddit[41]


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