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Fronia of Whitehall (pronounced FROE-nee-ah) was a Marenite noblewoman and author. She published Advice to a Young Noblewoman which was an etiquette book designed to teach decorum to young high born ladies.


"A noble maiden must convey dignity and chastity without appearing to think about either one. Let common-born girls tussle in the hay with their loutish swains. The future of your family's bloodline and your future lord's bloodline should be your greatest concern. Let no man but one of your family embrace you. Let no man but your betrothed kiss any more than your fingertips; let your betrothed kiss you only on fingers, cheek, or forehead, lest he think you unchaste. And never allow yourself to be alone with a man, to safeguard the precious jewel of you reputation. No well-born maiden ever suffered from keeping her suitors at arm's length. Your chastity will make you a prize to you future husband's house and an honor to your own."
—Quote in Advice to a Young Noblewoman by Fronia Whitehall[src]

Fun fact

It was given as a gift to Alianne of Pirate's Swoop by her godsmother Queen Thayet for Aly's twelfth birthday. The quote above was featured in Trickster's Choice.

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