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A freeze spell is a magical technique that, when used, causes the targets to freeze up and stop moving. It is unknown whether the targets freeze from mage-created cold or are just immobile. It is believed to be the latter, as no one was permanently harmed from the spell as they would be if they were made to be so cold that they stopped moving. Freeze spells take a significant amount of power, which is why they were not common practice in Tortall.[1]


It was used by the law enforcement in Corus to stop the mob that broke out over the counterfeiting crisis in 247 HE. According to Steen Bolter, who was present in Corus at the time, using freeze spells was popular in Tusaine and Galla as a mode of halting a riot. Tortall finally put them to use for the counterfeiting riot.[1]

Based on use, Galla and Tusaine likely have more riots and thus the need to implement these spells as a major tactic to stop them.


Those hit by the spell move slower and slower until they are forced to stop altogether.[1]


Freeze spells are only seen and discussed in Bloodhound.

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