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Fort Drell was a Tortallan fort at the Drell River Valley, noted during the Tortallan war with Tusaine.

Squire Alan fought there alongside his knight master Prince Jonathan, and the rest of the Tortallan army. During the summer-long conflict, Alan participated in battles, saved Jonathan from an enemy archer, and suffered a wounded arm. He used his healing skills by aiding Duke Baird, the realm's chief healer, with the many Tortallan wounded. Squire Alan was kidnapped by the enemy and taken from Fort Drell over the river into Tusaine territory. He was rescued by Prince Jonathan, Gary and Raoul, as well as other Tortallan soldiers. Fort Drell was also the first place Alanna and Jonathan explored their romantic relationship, as they kissed in Alanna's tent while she was recuperating after overextending herself in her search for Big Thor.[1]

Notes and references

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