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The Forest Fire of 1035 inflicted damage to the northern Emelanese fief of Gold Ridge.

The conditions for this fire had already been accumulating for several years with a drought and Yarrun Firetamer's interference with nature by extinguishing all grassfires in the region so the earth couldn't be renewed. By late autumn of 1035 KF, however, the grassfires got more and more violent, eventually even surmounting Yarrun's powers as a mage. He had to use stimulants (Yanjingi tea with foxglove) to keep awake and concentrated. Rosethorn had repeatedly warned Yarrun that the fires might break out of control, but he had refused to listen to her. Indeed it seemed as though Yarrun was successfull when he could anounce that all grassfires were extinguished one morning. His contentment didn't last for long, however, because the fire had gotten into the mast that had been piling in the forest for years and was quickly spreading over the forest of Gold Ridge and nearly killing Tenth Caravan Idaram and Daja Kisubo, who were trapped on the road. Yarrun died in trying to stop the fire. Daja and her friends managed to win over the flames, however, and deflect them to Dalburz Glacier. The flames melted part of the ice, which provided Gold Ridge with water again.

Still five people died in the fire, many got lung problems from the smoke and burns were common, too. The injured included both people from the village and Traders from Tenth Caravan Idaram who had been struck by flaming debris.[1]

Notes and references

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