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Captain Flyndan
Biographical Information
Nickname Flyn
Honorific '
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Stocky
Hair Red-brown
Family Information
Noble House
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Bazhir Tribe
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Military Affiliation
Military Branch King's Own
Commander Lord Raoul
Company Third Company
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Combat Scanran War
Spidren Hunt
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared First Test
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Squire
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Flyndan Whiteford (pronounced FLINN-duhn) is captain of the Third Company of the King's Own. He is also the Knight Commander's second in command.


Early life

Not much is known about Flyn's early life. He had met Kel when she was still on probation during a spidren hunt[1]. At that point, he had served under Raoul of Goldenlake for around twelve years. When Raoul took Kel as a squire, he had been in the Own for fifteen years[1].

Kel's squiredom

He was very opposed to Raoul taking Keladry of Mindelan, the only girl page since Alanna the Lioness, as a squire, saying that people will say that she and Raoul were linked romantically[1]. He also revealed that Raoul had only taken Kel on as a favor to Alanna, as she and Raoul were good friends. Kel, who had just began as Raoul's squire, was exploring her apartments at this point. Since her suite was linked with Lord Raoul's, she heard everything. When Raoul, Qasim, and Flyn were talking to her about weapons and supplies, Kel brought out her glaive, which Flyn remarked as looking awkward for a youngster—he changed the word from "girl".

Throughout the beginning of her time as a squire, Flyn still questioned her abilities in the field, which was the reason that Raoul assigned her under Flyn during the bandit hunt at the village of Haresfield in the Royal Forest. Raoul explained that it was to show Flyn that she was willing to do drudge work without complaint so he could see that she was not fanciful or idealist about the prospect of being a knight and fighting.

After a while, especially while at the Scanran border while Kel was still a squire, there were enough skirmishes with the enemy that stopped everyone from questioning her ability to fight, even Flyn[2]. When Kel and Raoul started their journey south back to Corus so that Kel could complete her Ordeal of Knighthood, Flyn wished Kel luck[3], much to the girl's surprise.

Physical description

He is described as stocky and fair skinned, with red-brown hair cropped short on the sides and left tightly curled on top. He also has brown eyes set under thin brows, and a small nose and lips. His voice is said to be a light baritone with a hint of a northern burr[4].

Personality and traits

He has the full trust of Raoul and doesn't like him taking Keladry of Mindelan as his squire as he is worried for the reputation of the Knight Commander. He was very distrusting of Kel, thinking that she was just in it for the glory of being a knight. When he saw that she wasn't, after a long while of proving herself, he warmed to her.


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