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First Test
First Test.jpg
A Novel of the Tortall
Protagonist Keladry of Mindelan
Antagonist Wyldon of Cavall, Joren of Stone Mountain
Setting Tortall: Corus
Author Tamora Pierce
Cover Artist
Publication information
Publisher Random House
Release Date 1999
UK Release Date
Series Protector of the Small
Preceded by '
Followed by Page

First Test is the first installment of the Protector of the Small series, revolving around Keladry of Mindelan. It covers Kel's first, probationary year as a page, 552-553 HE. The novel is set in the autumn immediately following the end of the Immortals War at the end of Realms of the Gods. It starts with Kel deciding to accept Lord Wyldon's offer of probational acceptance into training, and ends with his decision to allow her to remain at the end of her first year.


Keladry of Mindelan wishes to be the first female page to legally try for her knighthood in over a century. The novel opens with a discussion between King Jonathan and the training master, Lord Wyldon of Cavall, during which the Lioness is present. Lord Wyldon convinces the king to put Keladry on probation for a year, which greatly angers Alanna.

Upon learning of the king's decision, Kel is outraged, though her years in the Yamani Islands taught her to hide her feelings well. She is puzzled as to the reason the king would promise to give females the same chance that males received regarding knighthood, but put her on probation. She is on the verge of refusing the offer of training with a probationary year when a fight with a spidren convinces her otherwise.

The book outlines Kel's first year as a page, in which she is constantly tormented by those who do not want a girl in their midst. She struggles to find friends and to prove to Lord Wyldon that she is just as good as the male pages. She truly believes that she will be sent home at the end of the training year, and is pleasantly surprised when Lord Wyldon allows her to continue training.

Kel's second year of training occurs in the second book in the Protector of the Small Series, Page.

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