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First Daughter
Current holder First Daughter jian Cadao (in Mother of Waters convent)
Well-known holders
Affiliation All temples of Great Mother Goddess
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Only appearance Lioness Rampant
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The First Daughter is an important rank and title among worshipers of the Great Mother Goddess. It is held by the highest ranking priestess of the faith in one temple. The First Daughter has the first and final word on all temple matters. Each temple seems to have its own First Daughter.

A cousin of Queen Thayet's was the First Daughter of the Mother of Waters convent in Rachia. She had veto power on all measures taken by the other priestesses, as well as the power to turn away refugees. Judging by the threats against First Daughter jian Cadao that Alanna of Trebond made, the First Daughters of every temple that serves the Goddess must defer to the Goddess-on-Earth and likely the Eldest Daughter.[1]

Notes and References

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