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Fiddlelad is a member of the Court of the Rogue in Corus around 246 HE. He serves Dawull, the chief of Waterfront District. There he is one of the best friends of Aniki Forfrysning. He listened for any word of diggers being hired for her but didn't get any information on Crookshank's second crew of diggers.[1] More than a year later he is still with the Rogue, now seemingly in Aniki's gang.[2] True to his name Fiddlelad plays the fiddle and is often seen carrying and playing the instrument to come by some money.

He doesn't play an important role in the novels but has only been mentioned once in Terrier by Aniki. He also makes a minor appearance in the beginning of Bloodhound, when he, Bold Brian and Reed Katie leave the Barrel's Bottom through a side exit while Rebakah Cooper is posted there to make sure no one leaves who passes false coins along.

Notes and References

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