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Ferouze is an inhabitant of Tharios. She owns a lodginghouse and lives in the city's pleasure district, Khapik. Her lodgers mostly include yaskedasi, male and female, but sometimes there are also others living there for the sake of cheapness. One of them is Kethlun Warder.

Trisana Chandler meets Ferouze when she stays at her place to look after Glakisa Irakory after the deaths of Glaki's mother and foster-mother. Tris pays for the rent so Ferouze doesn't throw her and Glaki out. When Tris goes out in the late evening to listen to the city's breezes she also pays Ferouze to look after the girl. On these instances Tris puts small sparks of lightning on the coin to ensure Ferouze doesn't get the money before Tris' return and that Ferouze really does look after the child.

Ferouze only appears in Shatterglass.

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