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Princess Fazia Iliniat, born Fazia Tasikhe, is the sister of the Carthaki Emperor Ozorne and the mother of Kaddar Iliniat, who succeeds Ozorne to the throne.

Fazia has a grandson from her son Kaddar and his wife Kalasin of Conté, Binur Iliniat. She doesn't get on with her daughter-in-law very well as Kalasin has too many progressive opinions and doesn't behave as a Carthaki Empress should. The only thing they totally agree about is Binur, whom both totally adore.[1]

              Tasikhe family   
      Prince Apodan TasikhePrincess Mahira
         │                                   │
 Emperor Ozorne Tasikhe                  Fazia Tasikhe ┬ unnamed husband    Conté
                                                       │                      │
                                                Kaddar IliniatKalasin of ContéBinur Iliniat

Notes and references

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