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Master Farmer Cape
Biographical Information
Birth Name Pincas Huckleburr
Mage Name Farmer Cape (former)
Nationality Tortallan
Gift Blue
Specialization Harrier Magic
Thread Magic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 3"
Hair Brown
Eyes Pale green-blue
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Wife Rebakah Cooper
Adoptive Children
Descendants Eleni Cooper
George Cooper
Rispah Cooper
Thom of Pirate's Swoop
Alan of Pirate's Swoop
Alianne Crow
Ochobai Crow
Ulasu Crow
Junim Crow
Jonthair of Trebond
Alinna of Trebond
Thomsen of Trebond
Mylec of Trebond
Daran of Trebond
Liam of Trebond
Thayine of Trebond
Rose of Trebond
Elenna of Trebond
Buran of Trebond
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Residence Corus
Blue Harbor (former)
Affiliation Cassine Catfoot
Lord Gershom
Provost's Guard
Guard District Blue Harbor (former)
Waterfront District
Guard Watch
Training Partners
Previous Partner
Current Partner Rebakah Cooper
Lady Sabine
Mattes Tunstall
(during Three Rivers Hunt)
Trainee Partner
Guard Badge
Events Kidnap of Prince Gareth
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Mastiff
Last Mentioned '

Farmer Cooper, born Pincas Huckleburr, was a Tortallan commoner of the 3rd century HE. He was married to Rebakah Cooper and changed his surname to hers upon their marriage in 249 HE[1]. Prior to this, he was known as Farmer Cape.


Early life

Farmer was born on a farm and traded chores for magic lessons starting at the age of eleven.

Magical Education

For five years he traveled, learning everything that people were willing to teach him. Unlike many other mages, he did not consider 'common magic' beneath him, but rather useful and able to be adapted for different tasks. At sixteen he began training under Cassine Catfoot, one of twelve black robe mages of the 3rd century. Most mages who trained in the City of the Gods in Tortall or at the Carthaki University look down on him for his informal education, which he plays up by speaking in a heavy country accent and pretending to be only somewhat literate.

At some point he chose his mage name, Farmer Cape. He joined the Provost's Guard, finding he was an adept harrier mage.

Three Rivers Hunt

In 249 HE, mages and nobles started a conspiracy to overthrow Roger III of Conté and replace him with his brother, Prince Baird. They attacked the Summer Palace, kidnapped Roger's four-year-old son Gareth, and escaped with a slave caravan. Farmer was assigned to track down the kidnapped prince along with Beka Cooper, Achoo, Tunstall, and Sabine of Macayhill. Farmer defended the group from magical threats during the Hunt, and fell in love with Beka during the journey.

They eventually succeeded in rescuing the prince, and the conspiracy was thwarted. Farmer was offered the post of Chancellor of Mages as a reward, but refused. He did accept a reassignment to Corus so that he could be with Beka, as well as a post screening mages looking to work in Corus. The royal family also gifted him with ownership of an entire block of Corus. He and Beka married on All Hallows of that year.[1]

Personality and Traits

He is extremely competent, able to use others' magic for his own purposes. He is also very creative in his use of spells, for example using an overpowered cleaning charm to clear the dirt from a grave. He acts silly the majority of the time to prevent people from gauging his adeptness.


Rebakah Cooper

At first, Beka thinks he is not serious and wonders why he was chosen for the Hunt. However, she soon learns of his true ability and his use of different personalities and magics. At the end of Mastiff, the two are engaged to be married, with Farmer to take Beka's last name.

Matthias Tunstall

Tunstall dislikes his 'stupid grin', which Farmer does precisely for that purpose. He progresses to appreciation for the mage's ability, but they never become friends.


Farmer is the first male character in Tamora Pierce's books who changes his last name to his wife's[1].

Wrote the book “Strange Things in My Stew”. 300 years later Sergeant Okot suggested it to Varice Kingsford (Tempests and Slaughter)

His appearance is based off of Brendan Fraser.[2]

Notes and References

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