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Fariji Rokat (pronounced fahr-EE-jee roe-KAHT) was a clerk from the powerful Rokat family, who were known for trading with spices. Fariji and his family were victims of the blood feud between the Rokats and the Dihanurs.

In 1039 KF, after hearing about the brutal murders of other Rokat relatives, Fariji holed up with his wife and children in their residence, with guards and magics. Alzena Dihanur used unmagic in order to hide herself and to sneak in unnoticed. She killed their baby first by slashing its throat, then the young daughter. She made it so that Fariji Rokat would see his children die first before beheading him. He was not alive to see his wife die, gutted in order to ensure that any unborn babies were dead.

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