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Master Fairingrove was a merchant in Tusaine in the 5th Century HE. He was Adria's father and had treated her poorly. He was abusive to Adria's mother and siblings and expected more from Adria than she could give him. No matter what Adria did, Fairingrove found something to criticize and punish. He denied Adria food when she brought home a letter from school, and physically beat her when she was later to class one day. He often yelled at her and lectured her and she was absolutely terrified of his temper.

Fairingrove was a smuggler who started out small, about four years before the start of Lost, and gradually took on more an more smuggled goods to the point where there were off-the-books transactions with every shipment he brought in. When he slapped Adria in his shop after finding out she was late to school, Lost confronted him and threatened to suffocate him. Fairingrove thought that Lost was a monster and that it had corrupted his daughter and turned her away from her old obedient self. When Adria decided to leave for Tortall with her former mathematics instructor, Hillbrand, and an engineer named Keraine, he disowned her. Adria had threatened to expose his smuggling to the guilds, and the punishment for such acts was a skinning. He chose to let her go instead.[1]

Notes and references

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