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Esmond of Nicoline (pronounced EHZ-mund of NIHK-oh-leen) was a Tortallan knight who participated in the Scanran War of 460 HE. He was yearmates with Keladry of Mindelan, "The Girl".


Early life

Being the same year as Kel, he was most likely born in 442 HE.

Page years

Esmond was sponsored by Cleon of Kennan, a tall redhead with a penchant for joking around. He was one of the first-years who was subjected to bullying by Joren of Stone Mountain, Vinson of Genlith, and Zahir ibn Alhaz. His bullying was stopped by Keladry, who fought with the older pages on her own. Esmond joined the study group that Nealan of Queenscove and Kel had begun, along with Faleron of King's Reach, Merric of Hollyrose, Cleon, Prince Roald, and Seaver of Tasride. He went with Kel on her anti-bullying campaigns after hearing her speech about the need to stand up for what is right when they were still pages and in training.

Squire years

Esmond became a squire in the same year as Kel, although it is unknown who chose him to be their squire.

Knight years

Esmond was deployed to the north to fight in the Scanran War in 460 HE.

Traits and characteristics

He was known for being covered in freckles. Personality wise, he was a good person, as he joined Kel in her campaign against bullying and Joren of Stone Mountain.

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