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Esmelle ei Pragin (pronounced ehz-MEHLL ay PRAHG-inn) is an Emelanese noblewoman. In Sandry's Book she lives in the Pearl Cup Dormitories in Winding Circle Temple during Sandry's stint in the same dorms. Her parents are Witten en Pragin and Colledia of House Wheelwright (a merchant family). Esmelle didn't want Daja Kisubo to sit with them because of her Trader bloodline. Sandry pulled rank on her, telling Esmelle that she was kinswoman to the leaders of two countries (Namorn and Emelan), and insinuates that Esmelle is far beneath her because of her father's lower noble title and her mother's merchant lineage.

She appears once as a minor character in Sandry's Book.


  • Sandry's Book, Cp. 3 (p. 38/39)

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