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"It's a tiny soul that'll beat an animal even one as silly as that Achoo."
Matthias Tunstall referring to Hempstead[src]

Ercole Hempstead (ehr-KOHL) is Achoo's handler in early September of 247 HE. He is a big burly man. Hempstead beats Achoo and has no patience for her. He even keeps her at the kennels for the hounds instead of letting her live with him. Hempstead is a Senior Dog with the Provost's Guard assigned to Jane Street kennel, but he doesn't seem to be very responsible as he is already drunk in the early morning when Rebakah Cooper witnesses him maltreating Achoo. When she contradicts him in his ways of treating Achoo he hands the hound over to her.[1]

Hempstead only makes a minor appearance at the beginning of Bloodhound.

Notes and References

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