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Enahar (pronounced ENN-ah-har) was the brother of Pauha the Pirate-Queen. He, along with his sister, amassed a pirate fleet to attack Summersea and the Winding Circle Temple in 1035 KF. He was an accomplished mage and studied at the University of Lightsbridge where he learned blood and battle magic. He was an academic mage.

Before the events of 1035 KF, the mage Aymery Glassfire was in a huge amount of debt to Enahar. To make him pay his debt, Enahar bound Glassfire with blood magic and forced him to help attack Winding Circle. There doesn't seem to be a lot of resistance involved, as Aymery was shown to be rather greedy and willing to kill and enslave for profit. Enahar probably was the main person behind the development of boom stones, devices that would blow up upon impact.

Enahar's power is also shown in the way he easily took control over Tris, Daja, Briar, and Sandry when they joined together to attack his fleet. He was defeated, however, when the four young mages' teachers came into the mix.

Enahar only appears in Tris's Book.

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