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Elder Brother
A Story of the Tortallan Universe
Protagonist Qiom and Fadala
Setting Other side of the world from Tortall
Author Tamora Pierce
Anthology Half-Human, Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales
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Elder Brother is a short story set in the Tortallan Universe by Tamora Pierce. It was published in the anthology Half-Human, compiled and edited by Bruce Coville. Elder Brother is also part of Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales.[1]

The story takes up events from Wolf-Speaker, namely Numair Salmalín's turning Tristan Staghorn into a tree. After doing so he said to Veralidaine Sarrasri that somewhere else in the world a tree was changed into a human. Elder Brother depicts this changed tree's, his name is Qiom, first steps in the human world. Numair repeatedly talks to Qiom in his sleep, giving him tips on how to handle this new life. Qiom had some difficulty in adjusting to it, because this human body was new to him and he didn't know how he was supposed to behave as and around a human. In his early days he met Fadal, who decided to accompany Qiom and became his friend.

Notes and references

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