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Elasabenne of Cavall (pronounced KAV-all) is the younger sister of Wyldon of Cavall. She is the youngest of the siblings and has at least one other older brother, although Wyldon is her favourite brother. Her brothers doted on her. She is married and she doesn't really think that Vivenne of Cavall is good enough to be the wife of Wyldon.

Elasabenne doesn't appear in any of the books so far. She has only been mentioned by Tamora Pierce in forums.


       │                                         │                  │
Wyldon of CavallVivenne of Cavall  unnamed brother  Elasabenne of Cavall - unnamed husband
       │                                 │                  │                   │
Eiralys of Cavall ┬ unnamed husband  Sunarine of Cavall Cathrea of Cavall Margarry of Cavall - Owen of Jesslaw
             unnamed children

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