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Ekallatum (pronounced eh-kahl-lah-TOOM) was once an independent nation, one of the most ancient kingdoms in the history of the Southern Lands, before being conquered by the Carthaki Empire.[1] Ekallatum was still independent in the middle of the 3rd Century HE, but was conquered by Carthak prior to 308 HE.[2] It is part of the Southern Lands, along with Amar, Apal, Carthak, Shusin, Siraj, Yamut, and Zallara.[3]

Ekallatum is located far to the south, is covered in grassy plains, and reaches to the end of the continent at the Frozen Sea. The province is ruled by a governor appointed by the emperor.[4] It is home to packs of spotted hyenas.[5] Known Ekallatum dress includes tall headdresses and a tiered gowns.[6] Numair Salmalín once said that in The Ekallatum Book of Tombs, there's a tale of the Queen of Chaos raising an army of the dead.[3]

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