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Eiralys of Cavall (pronounced KAV-all) is the oldest daughter of Vivenne and Wyldon of Cavall. She seems to be married and has at least two children, perhaps more[1]. Her younger sisters are Sunarine of Cavall, Cathrea of Cavall and Margarry of Cavall. Eiralys has a brother-in-law, Owen of Jesslaw, by his marriage with Margarry.[2]

She hasn't appeared in any of the books so far, but was mentioned (not by name) by Lord Wyldon in First Test, and has been mentioned by Tamora Pierce in forums.

       │                                         │                  │
Wyldon of CavallVivenne of Cavall  unnamed brother  Elasabenne of Cavall - unnamed husband
       │                                 │                  │                   │
Eiralys of Cavall ┬ unnamed husband  Sunarine of Cavall Cathrea of Cavall Margarry of Cavall - Owen of Jesslaw
             unnamed children

Notes and References

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