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Einur (pronounced EYE-noor) was a Tortallan commoner who lived during the 5th century HE. He was affected by the Scanran War, and was a refugee. He served as a head cook at Haven, before and after Keladry of Mindelan was made commander.


Scanran War

Einur lived at Haven during the beginnings of the Scanran War, and was a cook there. He was there when Haven was first constructed, and had watched Numair Salmalín use powerful magic in order to even out the land. Numair's magic had made him and the other cooks incredibly uncomfortable.

He was supportive of Kel when she took command. When Numair came to stay at Haven, he asked Kel privately if the cooks could refrain from contact with the man, because they were so uncomfortable about his magic. Kel understood in part, and acquiesced, much to the relief of Einur. Thia concession only made Kel rise in favor in the cook's eyes.

Einur was most likely killed in early June during a Scanran assault, which involved killing devices.

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