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Eilisa Pearldrop was an Emelanese potioneer who illegally disposed of her magical weight loss potions in the sewers of Summersea, and which caused the Blue Pox plague and gave it a magical element. She was quite poor, and thought her claim to fame was in these potions. When she tested them on herself, she found that it worked, however there was a nasty blue rash that she perceived as a minor side affect. She was the first to die of the blue pox. She also threatened off the other people in the sewer.

When her journal was found by Niklaren Goldeye and Trisana Chandler, they expressed disbelief that anyone could be so idiotic and that such a stupid woman would be responsible for killing hundreds of people by starting a nasty epidemic. Dedicate Crane expresses disbelief over this woman's greed for money, but Briar recognizes it as the talk of someone who has never wanted for anything in his life, as Crane is of the noble class.

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