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Eastern Lands is the name used to refer to the lands laying north of the Great Inland Sea and east of the Emerald Ocean. It is comprised of the sovereign nations of Galla, Maren, Sarain, Scanra, Tortall, Tusaine, and Tyra.[1] Tortall, Tusaine, and Maren are culturally similar, though things change farther east.[2] The primary language spoken throughout the Eastern (and Southern) Lands is Common, though other national and local languages exist.[3]

The Eastern Lands were the original home of the luarin nobility and kings of the Copper Isles.[4]

The Code of Ten formed the basis of government for most of the countries in the Eastern Lands.[5] The majority of countries in the Eastern Lands have abolished slavery as it is not economical for them to continue the practice, though slavery is still legal and practiced in the Southern Lands and the Copper Isles. In the Eastern Lands, only Scanra still allows slaves, but Maren has bond servitude on its big farms which comes close to slavery.[6]

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