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The earthquake of 1035 KF was a devastating natural disaster that hit many countries of the Circle Universe.


The earthquake hit Ragat Island and its neighbor Pajun Island. Huath, the Dedicate Superior of the Wave Circle Temple on Ragat, tried to trap the quake using magic. As it grew stronger within the trap, it sent out small quakes that hit Summersea around the spring equinox and throughout the summer. In early Mead Moon, it was able to break free, destroying the entire temple, and killing many of its inhabitants, including Huath. As it became incredibly strong, it was able to reach all the way up to Emelan.


When the quake hit Summersea, it was especially strong, and cause a large amount of destruction to Winding Circle. Briar Moss, Trisana Chandler, Daja Kisubo and Sandrilene fa Toren ware trapped in a cave by the quake and had to spin their magics together to survive the experience. This was when they gain their phenomenal powers and telepathic ability.[1]

The clay pipes under Summersea, leading the used water into the sewers, were also damaged from the quake. The cracks and leaks they had suffered could still be seen in Sap Moon of 1036 KF.[2]

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