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The Earth Temple was one of the four sub-temples of every Living Circle temple. Its dedicates wore green robes showing their dedication to the gods of earth, Mila of the Grain and the Green Man. In Winding Circle--and probably all other Living Circle temples--the Earth Temple was situated in the north of the temple grounds. The loomhouses and Discipline cottage were located near Earth Temple[1].

In non-temple cities such as Chammur, the Earth Temple can be separate from the other dedications of the Living Circle. They maintain banks, guest quarters for dedicates and their charges, bathhouses, and presumably a library of some kind. They also allow those without means to stay elsewhere to live in the guest houses and keep a supply of clothes for the poor (something all Living Circle temples do).

Known Earth Dedicates included Lark and Rosethorn. Vetiver is the First Dedicate of Earth Temple in Winding Circle. Dokyi is the First Dedicate of the Earth Temple in First Circle, Gyongxe. He is also Dedicate Superior of the temple-city, and as such is the head of the Living Circle religion.

Notes and references

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