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The Rogue's Eagle Street Court in Port Caynn was situated on Eagle Street in Tradesmen's District, three blocks below Moneychangers' Street[1].

The building was bare of any signs and could be entered from Eagle Street via a strong door at the end of a small alley. At the corner of which the dust spinner Hesserrr could be found.[2]

The place had once probably been used as a countinghouse or warehouse. When serving as Pearl Skinner's court it was furnished with benches, chairs and tables as well as a bar to provide refreshments for the Court of the Rogue. There were no windows, thus the large main room was only lit by lamps. A variety of doors provided the members of the local Rogue with escape routes, should need be. Pearl Skinner herself usually occupied a heavily cushioned chair near the hearth.[3]

There are hidden rooms in the Eagle Street court, enabling Pearl to hide people there or do illegal business, like counterfeiting. The rooms were magically protected so that no noise left them.[4] The court also featured a room full of spare clothes for people in need to get cheap ones or use them as disguises. There were even different robes used by priests, among them those of the servants of the Black God. Like in Darcy Street Court Pearl also kept a personal dressing room here[5].

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