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Bidis Dymytur fer Holm was a Namornese nobleman of minor standing who had turned into a bandit. He held the title of baron. When Sandrilene fa Toren was visiting her estates he and his uncle, Yeskoy fer Haugh, tried to kidnap her in order to force her to sign a marriage contract and thus gain power over her lands and wealth. If they had succeeded, they would not have incurred much imperial wrath from Sandry's kinswoman, Berenene dor Ocmore, as the empress wanted Sandry to remain in Namorn. They didn't succeed, however, as Sandry unraveled their clothes magically and thus caused them to abandon their attempt.

Personality and Traits

It is clear from what he says to Sandry and Trisana Chandler that he doesn't think much of women besides their use in making babies. It angered Sandry.


He only appears as a minor character in The Will of the Empress.

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