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Dust spinners are beings of air and spirit in the world of Tortall. They appear as small whirlwinds that spin continuously in place.[1] Dust spinners collect small breezes along with sounds of conversations and talk. Interestingly enough, they never gather natural sounds such as bird and dog noises and horses hooves.[2]


The dust spinners seem to have a simple form of consciousness as they can communicate with those possessing the right form of magic like Rebakah Cooper. They even tell her their names and they are glad when she steps into them and takes the burden of the conversations they have gathered away. The spinners also like to be presented with dirt from other places as they are stationary and this gives them something new.[3]

The life span of a dust spinner isn't fixed. There are those who never seem to go away and those who exist only for a short period of time. Beka has discovered that she can help the spinners to live longer with her magic.[4] Beka also learned that the dust spinners can have basic feelings. So they enjoy getting presents of dirt from other places and might even go mad from too much screaming and pained voices.

Most people avoid the spinners as they are afraid of them and think of them as bad spirits.[5]

Dustspinners are always spinning. Even in long summers without any air they can spin. They do not cool people off though.

Known dust spinners

  • Aveefa is a dust spinner of the Lower City of Corus.
  • Hasfush is situated in the Lower City of Corus and Rebakah Cooper thinks that he might be the oldest of the spinners of the Lower City; Beka estimates him to be about three centuries old[6]. He is also one of the Spinners which don't vanish eventually. It was Hasfush who first told Beka about the first dead diggers of the Opal Murders[7].
  • Hesserrr is a dust spinner of Port Caynn. He is situated near the Rogue's Eagle Street court and Beka thinks he might well be over three hundred years old.[8]
  • Raaashell came into existence in the summer of 247 HE. She is situated near King Gareth's Fountain on the Nightmarket in the Lower City. Beka helps her to get bigger and live longer. Without her help Raaashell wouldn't have lived through the winter of the year in which she came into existence.[9]
  • Shiaa is a dust spinner of the Lower City of Corus. Beka describes her as being lively.[3]


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