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Durant Elkes was a brass merchant and resident of Port Caynn in the third century of the Human Era. He was married and had a son[1]. When he was trying to buy "a fancy pair of earrings"[1] he was arrested under suspicion of counterfeiting and had been questioned in Tradesmen's kennel since midnight on the night of September 16 to September 17, 247.[2] Nestor Haryse brought Clara Goodwin and Rebakah Cooper to see him, hoping they might learn something to help them to find the real counterfeiter. The cage Dogs questioning him were Anglesea and Shales. By the time Nestor, Goodwin and Beka arrived Durant had already been beaten and treated with the Drink[3] three times, still denying any involvement in counterfeiting. While he was being interrogated his house was searched by no further evidence against him found.[4] In fact the red purse had been planted in his possession by orders of Pearl Skinner because Durant had angered her by not selling his warehouse full of brass to Steen Bolter, who had been trying to purchase unregistered brass for Pearl's false coins.[5] After they spoke to him Nestor arranged for the end of Durant's questioning and his being brought to Deep Harbor's cages[6].

He only appears in Bloodhound.

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