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Map of Dunlath

Dunlath is a fief of Tortall near the Scanran border and is in many ways the last line of defence in it's area.

The Castle is located on a small iceland in the middle of Long Lake. In 450 HE[1], Numair and Daine discovered that Dunlath was conspiring with Carthaki emperor Ozorne against Tortall.

The half-sister of the heir Maura of Dunlath helped thwart the conspiracy and was later given control with the fief as Baroness of Dunlath, while Yolane of Dunlath was charged with high treason and Belden of Dunlath commited suicide.

Around the lake is a mountain range in which mining for opals (also black opals) have happened through several decades. Most of the mines were empty at the time Daine and Numair visit the fief.

Dunlath is a days journey on horseback from the City of the Gods, which lies to the northwest through the Northern Pass. 

Nobles of Dunlath

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