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Duck was a male sparrow who aided Keladry of Mindelan during the beginning of the Scanran War. He was thus named because of his lack of tail, which gave him a duck-shaped behind.[1]


Veralidaine Sarrasri, knowing the animals would help Kel anyway, wanted to increase their knowledge so they would be completely aware when doing so, helping both them and Kel. She was apprehensive about doing so, and only did because she knew that Kel would watch out for them. Duck was one of the animals who received Daine's magical help.

In one instance, when they were expecting an attack, he told Kel that there were 15 of the enemy nearby.[1]

Duck also accompanied Kel deep into Scanra to rescue her kidnapped refugees. He located a string from Meech's doll, clearly left by the children so Kel could find them.[2]


Duck only appears in Lady Knight.

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