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Druce Adona (pronounced DROOS ah-DOE-nah) is a member of the luarin nobility of the Copper Isles. He is around the same age as Saraiyu Balitang and vies for her attention with Ferdolin Tomang and Jevair Ibadun, other young noblemen. It is assumed he is the son of Lady Adona, a noblewoman who was mentioned briefly.

After Duke Nomru was thrown into Kanodang by Princess Imajane, Druce Adona was one of the young men trying to urge others to free Nomru, as the older man was one of the most powerful and wealthy of the luarin nobility. When Sarai made her disinterest in freeing Nomru quite clear, while also reminding them of the consequences that would follow such an attempt, Druce and Ferdy abandoned the plans.

Druce only appears as a minor character in Trickster's Queen.

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