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Dragonsalt is a highly addictive illegal drug in the Emelan Universe. It is sold as a powder that can be mixed with a liquid.[1] Dragonsalt causes the user to feel "dreamy" and over time waste away, although it is not clear if the drug causes the user to lose weight or if it is a consequence of forgetting to eat while high.[2][1] Non-magic users gain strength and feel they "think better" when they ingest it.[3]

The mages of the University of Lightsbridge developed a spell to detect whether a magic user is on dragonsalt by analyzing the magic traces from an addicts spell. This detection spell is used by harrier-mages.[4] Duke Vedris IV believed it to be the most vile drug ever brewed and decreed the penalty for having it was ten years in the granite quarries.[4]The penalty for selling dragonsalt was to have your guts ripped out on Penitence Hill. [5]

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