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Domitan of Masbolle
Biographical Information
Nickname Dom
Honorific '
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Family Information
Noble House Masbolle family
Parents Unnamed father (Lord of Masbolle)
Unnamed mother (née Queenscove)
Siblings Older brother(s)
Other Family Baird of Queenscove (maternal uncle)
Graeme of Queenscove
Neal of Queenscove
Jessamine of Disart
Patron God
Rank Nobility
Bazhir Tribe
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation Keladry of Mindelan
Military Affiliation
Military Branch King's Own
Commander Lord Raoul
Captain Flyndan
Company Third Company
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Combat Scanran War
Battle at Rathhausak
Battle of Forgotten Well
Spidren Hunt
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned First Test
(alluded to by Dom in Squire)
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Squire
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Lady Knight
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Sergeant Domitan of Masbolle (pronounced DOHM-ih-tahn of MAAS-bole), mostly known as Dom, is a sergeant in Third Company of the King's Own and the cousin of Nealan of Queenscove, whom he calls Meathead. He is one of Kel's first friends in the King's Own. At the end of Lady Knight it is hinted that Kel and Dom may develop a romantic relationship.


Early life

As a member of the nobility, Dom probably enjoyed a very wealthy lifestyle through his childhood. His mother was a sister of Baird of Queenscove, and thus he had ties with the powerful ducal house. As a younger son of Masbolle, however, he was not pressured to become a knight, which he was very happy about. Following the path that most younger sons take, he joined the King's Own around 452 HE.

King's Own

Dom first sees Kel when she is a page struggling to control her horse Peachblossom, betting against (presumably) the rest of Third Company that she would not fall off and consequently winning a meal at the Jugged Hare[1]. He was new to the King's Own at this point, and he was probably not a sergeant yet. He moved up the ranks quickly, and was a sergeant by the autumn of 456 HE.

Sergeant of the King's Own

Once Dom became a sergeant, he commanded a squad in Third Company, with two corporals and an unspecified amount of privates. As a sergeant, he answers to Flyndan Whiteford, the captain of the company and Raoul of Goldenlake, the Knight Commander of the King's Own. He introduced himself to Kel officially before hunting bandits that razed and looted the village of Haresfield in the Royal Forest. He was kind and gave Kel a turnover saying that she should eat before assignments in the future[1]. He also revealed that he was a cousin of Nealan of Queenscove[2], whom he calls Meathead, for his stubborn personality. He asked Kel to call him "Dom" because it would be more familiar and she technically wasn't a member of the Own. He also said that he felt as if he already knew her due to the amount of things he learned from Neal.

Friends with Keladry of Mindelan

Throughout Kel's time as Lord Raoul's squire, she became good friends with Dom. He respected her abilities and didn't challenge her as other men did. He was unaware of her crush on him, at least in theory, and it is unknown if he has grown to share her feelings throughout her squiredom. He is shown as kind of ladies' man as well, being open to flirt with women and using this as a good reason for the Knight Commander to consent with staying with the rest of the Grand Progress.

The Scanran War

He was shot during a battle with Scanran raiders leaving Kel, then a squire, to take command of his squad. During this fight Kel first encountered a "killing device". She promoted Wolset to corporal, a field promotion that Dom confirmed and ratified later[3]. When Kel and Raoul returned to Corus for Kel's Ordeal of Knighthood, Dom and his squad stayed up north. They also named the fort that they built, Fort Giantkiller, in honor of the Knight Commander[4].

Kel saw him again in early April of 460 HE at the refugee camp that she was assigned to command. She was very glad to see him, but knew it wouldn't be commander-like to throw herself joyfully at an old friend. Dom congratulated her with a grin saying that everyone knew she could do it[5]. He also oversaw the making and embroidering of Kel's Mindelan flag that hung on the flagpole of Haven. Corporal Wolset thought of the idea, but he also almost ruined the embroidery, according to Corporal Fulcher. As Lord Wyldon had asked the King's Own for one squad of men to help out at Haven until the place was finished, Dom's squad was chosen; it was just a coincidence that they were assigned together at first, as no one knew Lord Wyldon's plans to give command of Haven to Kel. Dom stayed at Haven for a few weeks. During that time he sabotaged Kel's chance of helping out the Haven carpenters, knowing that she was a disaster with woodworking. As this was all in good fun, Kel wasn't mad and she was considerably relieved that she wouldn't have to do any carpentry[6]. Dom stayed to battle one of the Scanran raids in late April, after that, war was officially declared between Tortall and Scanra. Dom had orders to go to Fort Steadfast once that occurred, but he was saddened he had to leave Kel[7].

In mid-June of 460, Dom and his squad went with Lord Raoul to Fort Mastiff after the fall of Haven. He overheard Haven sergeants Connac and Hevlor talking about the missing lady knight in the latrines—he presumed she went after her refugees into enemy territory. Raoul gave Dom's squad the option to refuse this mission, but all men volunteered. He sent them after Kel, and ordered them to do whatever she wanted done, and to take her orders[8].

Dom and his squad caught up with Kel at the ruins of Fort Giantkiller. They let her sleep while Dom made his men and her breakfast. Dom also brought maps and money for bribes for Kel's mission[9]. Once Owen of Jesslaw and Tobeis Boon showed up later, they all tried to talk Owen out of coming with them, since he'd be twice forsworn and would ruin his chances at becoming a knight[9]. When Neal, Seaver, Merric and Faleron arrived, Kel was furious but Dom was happy to see his cousin, and said that Sir Meathead took his time coming[9].

Dom learned about Kel's dreams about Blayce the Gallan that were sent from the Chamber of the Ordeal while they were crossing the Vassa River, using friends that Neal had procured during his time with the Lioness. Dom figured that it was Alanna's husband, George Cooper, who dealt with the shady river watchers[10]. On the morning of June 8th, when Kel was afraid that she had talked in her sleep about Blayce and the Chamber again, Dom pointed out that perhaps the Chamber was setting her free, as it knew that she was trying to accomplish the goal[11]. The same day, Dom helped Kel deal with a raiding party on its way to Fort Mastiff, Kel took no prisoners and ordered the deaths of all the raiders, which sickened her but it was necessary[11]. Dom also took part and gave orders when Kel made her move to free the adult refugees, after they were done and they learned that Kel planned to go after Stenmun Kinslayer and the children, Dom remained with her, saying he had his orders from Lord Raoul[11].

The remaining party tracked Stenmun deep into Scanra. Stenmun had 150 warriors at his command, far more than Kel had with her. She made a decision to whittle them down until they had far less, and to make Stenmun's men angry at their master, by means of a lesson that Raoul taught her and Dom[12].

Dom survived the battle at Fief Rathhausak with Stenmun's men. He lost two of his squad during the fight, Corporal Wolset and Private Lofren. Upon his return, he did not need to worry about treachery as his orders came directly from Lord Raoul.

The King's Own

As a sergeant, Domitan went through a few corporals and men.

In 459 HE:

Corporals: Derom (killed by an arrow) and Symric (beheaded by a killing device)

Squad Members: Wolset (promoted to corporal in the field), Fulcher (promoted by Dom before the start of "Lady Knight"), other squad members are unknown

In 460 HE:

Corporals: Wolset, Fulcher (killed at Fief Rathhausak)

Squad Members: Lofren (killed at Fief Rathhausak), other squad members are unknown

Physical Description

Dom has blue eyes and darker hair than his cousin, . Dom is described as tall and fair-skinned with a widow's peak, like Neal.

Personality and Traits

He, like Neal, is witty and has the ability to voice irony. Although he knows when to keep his thoughts to himself better.

He also flirts with everyone. When Cleon gets angry at his flirting with Kel, she says that it runs in the family and that he does it with everyone. However, it is strongly implied that he is interested in Kel romantically, and that she feels somewhat the same, though neither have voiced or acted upon such feelings.


Keladry of Mindelan

Dom and Kel got along very well and became good friends throughout the latter's time in the Own. Kel was originally very attracted to Dom, something that he never knew for sure, but perhaps guessed. Even though she was "The Girl", he still treated her with respect. When Kel was courting Cleon of Kennan, he made the mistake of flirting with her, angering Cleon. In the Scanran War, Dom helped Kel retrieve her kidnapped refugees and their children and they became even closer. It is unknown if their friendship will blossom into romance, but as of now there have been only hints in the books.

Nealan of Queenscove

Neal is Dom's first cousin as Dom's mother was a member of the Queenscove family, a rich and powerful ducal house. Dom refers to his cousin as Meathead, because he is so stubborn and difficult to deal with at times. But Dom genuinely cares for his cousin, and they do have quite a bit of fun banter.

Lerant of Eldorne

Dom and Lerant joked a lot together, and pretended a dislike of one another. They became friends after a while, whilst maintaining their semi-insulting banter.

Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak

Dom greatly respects the Knight Commander.

Family Tree

                │              Haryse                                 │
                │                 │                                   │
      Baird of QueenscoveWilina of Haryse                   unnamed sister ┬ unnamed husband
                          │                                                   │
                          │                                          Domitan of Masbolle
          │                      │                          │                                          │
Graeme of QueenscoveCathal of QueenscoveNealan of QueenscoveYukimi noh Daiomoru  Jessamine of Queenscove - Balduin of Disart
                                                    unnamed daughter


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