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The Dominion Jewel is a blue jewel made by the Elemental Chitral, who keeps it because he likes to have company. The Jewel is fabled to have great magical power for either good or evil when in the hands of a natural ruler.

Myths and Legends

There are many, varied myths and legends following the jewel.

Giamo the Tyrant

Giamo the Tyrant used the jewel to conquer parts of Tortall, Tusaine, and Scanra and thus to enlarge his Gallan Empire. He is an example for the fact that the jewel can also be used by a person who isn't gifted. Later the jewel was stolen from Giamo's heir and during the first century HE the empire declined from within.[1]

Miache and Zefrem

Miache was a Carthaki thief living during the second century HE. She stole the jewel from the Gallan King, a descendant of Giamo the Tyrant. Instead of giving the jewel to her employers Miache ran away with it. During her flight she encountered Zefrem the Bear, a mercenary, and they fell in love. When they arrived in Tyra they found the city under Carthaki siege.

Contrary to their natures they didn't flee the fight but stayed and helped the Tyrans to survive. The jewel also caused wildlife and people to return to the city. Later the jewel passed on to Norrin.[2]

Norrin and Anj'la

Norrin and Anj'la were King and Queen of Maren. They lead the realm to fortune and since their reign it has never again known famines or plagues. Norrin and Anj'la are still revered in Maren in the fifth century HE.[1]

Recent History

Having heard the legends surrounding the Dominion Jewel from her manservant, Coram Smythesson, Alanna decided to quest for it in Lioness Rampant and to prove her worth to the kingdom. Her search lead her to the Roof of the World, where she fought Chitral. He eventually gave her the jewel.

After acquiring it she gives the Dominion Jewel to Jonathan of Conté so he could protect Tortall with it. When Roger of Conté attempted to destroy Tortall with a giant earthquake, Jonathan used the Dominion Jewel to hold the land together. King Jonathan used the Dominion Jewel again in the Immortals War at Port Legann, bringing plants and trees alive to stop enemy troops from advancing. 

Magical Abilities

The Dominion Jewel can effect its surroundings in different ways. When a born ruler who isn't gifted has it in his or her posession, it subtly influences the realm and causes it to prosper.[1]

When a gifted ruler uses it, it can be used more directly. Amongst others the jewel can be used in war as well as for healing purposes.[1] Jonathan of Conté for example used it's earth-related powers to turn the earth itself against the enemy: trees and plants came alive, wrapped roots and vines around their victims, entrapping or killing them. However, the use of the Dominion Jewel can also have negative consequences: When Jonathan first used the jewel during Roger's attempted coup to keep the earthquakes at bay, all the mystical energy had to come from somewhere, so there was a famine throughout the land for several years afterward.

The Jewel appears to have power over the elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light and Dark.

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