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Dockmarket is a district of Rajmuat, the capital city of the Copper Isles, and is located on the Rajmuat Harbor. It is where many come to sell their wares to the people of Rajmuat, and shoppers can buy spices, food, and other products. Slaves are also sold in an area of Dockmarket.[1]

The wares sold in Dockmarket are usually less expensive and rare than those found in Market Town. In 463 HE, the raka conspiracy planned an attack on Dockmarket, let by Aly, by using blasts to destroy the slave blocks. This attack was not sanctioned by the other leaders.


Dockmarket appears in both installments of the Trickster Series duology, as Alianne Crow was first sold as a slave to the Balitang family at Dockmarket.

Notes and references

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