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Queen Dilsubai Haiming (pronounced DILL-soo-bai HIGH-ming) was a raka queen of the Copper Isles in the 2nd century HE. She would be the last queen of the Haiming Dynasty in the Isles for nearly three centuries until Dovasary Balitang and the fulfillment of the Kyprish Prophecy.


She overthrew and assassinated her kinswoman, Imiary VI Haiming in 174 HE and seized power. Unlike her predecessor, she did not try to negotiate or encourage any sort of peace in the Isles. She enslaved her enemies, and greatly rewarded her supporters. Her reign caused even more unrest, and Rittevon of Lenman, a Marenite nobleman, saw this as an opportunity to seize control of the island country. Thus began the luarin conquest.

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