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Demakos Nomasdina (pronounced day-MAH-kos noe-mahss-DEE-nah), or Dema, is a member of the First Class of Tharios. He is a mage and works with the Tharian police force to investigate murders magically. However, as priests cleanse the sites of all evidence, there is only so much that he can do.

In 1039 KF, Nomasdina had been an arurim dhaskoi (investigator mage) for only eight months in the Fifth District. He had been assigned the task of investigating the murders of four yaskedasi of Khapik, a job that had been given to him because no one else wanted to deal with the lower classes. He is exasperated by the ritual cleansing that must come after every death, to rid the site of magical evidence and the "taint" of death. As he is a Tharian, he does believe in the taint and evil of death, but he still shows some exasperation at not being able to do his job completely.

Later on, the arurim uncover a glass ball that shows the murder of the yaskedasu. Nomasdina sets out to find this man - Kethlun Warder - and arrest him for his alleged involvement in the murder. They find him at Jumshida Dawnspeaker's home, and mean to take him in. However, they are briefly questioned by Trisana Chandler, who decides that she will come with them as she is Warder's teacher. He expresses great disbelief when he sees the mage credential granted to someone so young, but accepts it. He first takes Warder and Chandler to the site of the murder of the yaskedasu. Warder shows a reaction, which could incriminate him. Then, he brings the two to the arurimat of 5th District, where he could question Warder as a suspect. Nomasdina performs modest truth spells, but is shocked when the air fills with lightning - Keth's lightning. He rounds on Tris, but it is soon discovered that Warder is responsible. As he cannot question Warder with truth spells, he goes to get the torturers but is stopped by Tris. She commands that they will wait for her teacher, Niklaren Goldeye, the greatest and most well-known truthsayer. She puts a shield of protection up around Warder, which shocks and impresses Nomasdina. This is also where he learns the name of the dead yaskedasu - Iralima. Once Warder is proven innocent by Goldeye, Nomasdina tries to make Warder create more glass balls that show the murders committed by the Ghost. At first Warder refuses him.

Later, Nomasdina alerts them of another death - Yali. As he does not know of Warder or Tris's connection to the young yaskedasu, he does not prepare them well. Tris and Chime scold the arurim dhaskoi sharply. Now Warder is more passionate about the idea of making scrying glass balls, and catching the Ghost. Dema decides that he must get the Keepers of Tharios to close down Khapik. He seeks out the help of Jumshida Dawnspear, thinking her influence could sway the Keeprs. She rebukes him for turning his back on the good of the city to catch the Ghost, and refuses to associate with him. Goldeye comes along instead, a prospect that Nomasdina is hesitant about.

When Nomasdina and Warder see Tris in the glass ball, they deduce that the paths of Tris and the Ghost will cross. Niko comes then, to help then hunt down Tris with Little Bear. They catch Tris with the prathmun called the Ghost about to fire a lightning bolt at the man, who's buried up to his chest in the ground. They stop her. Later, when the city realizes that all the prathmuni have escaped, Dema wonders to Tris and Keth about who warned them. He also informs them that he's decided to keep his place at Fifth District, instead of getting another position at a more higher class arurimat.

Dema only appears in Shatterglass.

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