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Delene Cooper is a Lower City woman married to Beka Cooper's cousin Philben. She is implied to be tightfisted and would "have Phil's hide" if she caught him gambling. She has four children, all unnamed.


While little is specifically written about Delene, much can be inferred from the brief bits of description in Bloodhound. She is married to Phil Cooper, making her Beka's cousin by marriage. They have four children and are not especially wealthy, but seem to be content enough. Phil is a carter, and Delene is presumably a housewife. She disapproves of her husband gambling.

Personality and Traits

Like her biography, not much is stated about Delene. Judging from Phil's gambling friends and their reaction to Beka pulling him away, she is probably forceful and won't put up with her husband's antics. Like most persons from the Lower City, she is more than likely to be very careful with money, an idea reinforced by her hatred of gambling.

Cooper family

                                                   Fern Cooper ┬ unnamed man         
                                                         │                              │
                                     Ilony Cooper ┬ unnamed man                         ? ┬ ?
                                                  │                                       │
         ┌—————————————————————-——————————————————┴-———————————————-———————————————┐   Philben CooperDelene Cooper
         │                                       │               │               │                  │
       Rebakah CooperFarmer Cape    Diona Cooper      Lorine Cooper     Willes Cooper   Nilo Cooper          4 children
               6 generations
                 │                                                           │
Myles of OlauEleni Cooper ┬ unnamed man    Trebond                     unnamed
                             │                   │                           │
                  George CooperAlanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau   Rispah CooperCoram Smythesson
                                │                                                   │
                              Trebond ┌———————┬———————┬——————┬—————┬—————┬————┬—————┴┬—————┬—————┐
                                      │       │       │      │     │     │    │      │     │     │
                                   Jonthair Alinna Thomsen Mylec Daran Liam Thayine Rose Elenna Buran

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