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Mistress Deirdry Noll (b. around 196 HE[1]) is an inhabitant of the Lower City of Corus. According to Rebakah Cooper she is "the best baker in all Corus"[2]. Mistress Noll even taught Beka how to knead dough for bread[3]. She has a stall both on Nightmarket and on Daymarket. The house she lives in is situated in the Cesspool.

Deirdry Noll has several children, two of whom are Gemma Noll and Yates Noll. She also lost several children shortly after they were born[4]. In 243 HE she begins using the legend of the Shadow Snake to profit from her neighbours.

Physical description

Mistress Noll is a plump woman who wears her gray hair braided, pinned and coiled at the back of her head. She has brown eyes, a small nose and a straight mouth.[1]



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