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| image=
| name = Mistress Noll †
| name=Mistress Noll †
| universe=[[Tortallan Universe]]
| universe = [[Tortallan Universe]]
| nickname=
| birth=c. 196 [[Human Era|HE]]
| alias = [[Shadow Snake]]
| death=246 [[Human Era|HE]] {{comment|executed}}
| birth = c. 196 [[Human Era|HE]]
| race=
| death = 246 [[Human Era|HE]] {{comment|executed}}
| nationality=[[Tortall|Tortallan]]
| nationality = [[Tortall|Tortallan]]
| title=
| gender=Female
| gender = Female
| weight=
| hair = Grey
| height=
| eyes = Brown
| hair=Grey
| eyes=Brown
| husband = Unnamed baker
| gift=
| children = [[Gemma Noll]]<br>[[Yates Noll]]<br>Two unnamed daughters<br>Two unnamed sons
| ancestors=
| grandparents=
| rank = Commoner
| parents=
| occupation = Baker
| wife=
| district = [[Lower City]]
| siblings=
| husband=Unnamed baker
| onlyappeared = [[Terrier]]}}
| lover=
| children=[[Gemma Noll]]<br>[[Yates Noll]]<br>Two unnamed daughters<br>Two unnamed sons
| descendants=
| other=
| rank=Commoner
| position=
| occupation=Baker
| affiliation=
|alias = [[Shadow Snake]]|onlyappeared = [[Terrier]]|district = [[Lower City]]}}
'''Mistress Deirdry Noll''' (b. around 196 [[Human Era|HE]]<ref name="terrier1">''[[Terrier]]'', April 1, 246 (p. 43)</ref>) was a [[Tortall]]an commoner who lived in the [[Lower City]] of [[Corus]].
'''Mistress Deirdry Noll''' (b. around 196 [[Human Era|HE]]<ref name="terrier1">''[[Terrier]]'', April 1, 246 (p. 43)</ref>) was a [[Tortall]]an commoner who lived in the [[Lower City]] of [[Corus]].

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Mistress Noll †
Reigning Monarch
Liege Lord
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Honorific '
Alias Shadow Snake
Born c. 196 HE
Died 246 HE (executed)
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Husband Unnamed baker
Children Gemma Noll
Yates Noll
Two unnamed daughters
Two unnamed sons
Adoptive Children
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Bazhir Tribe
Occupation Baker
District Lower City
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Terrier
Last Mentioned '

Mistress Deirdry Noll (b. around 196 HE[1]) was a Tortallan commoner who lived in the Lower City of Corus.


Early life

Deirdry was born as a baker's daughter and she herself married another baker[2].

Marriage and children

Deirdry Noll had six children[2], two of whom were Gemma Noll and Yates Noll. One of her older sons lived in Port Caynn, another one in Blue Harbor[3]. She also lost several children shortly after they were born[4]. Her two married daughters lived on either side of her house[5]. Her husband presumably died, although the circumstances or date of this aren't known. He didn't have a head for money matters and let the business fall to near ruin[5]. Afterwards Deirdry managed to make her business prosper. By 246 HE she could also afford servants[5].


According to Rebakah Cooper Mistress Noll was "the best baker in all Corus"[6]. Mistress Noll even taught Beka how to knead dough for bread[7]. She started out as a baker on Mutt Piddle Lane and only moved from there around 244 HE[8]. By 246 HE she had a stall both on Nightmarket and on Daymarket. The house she lived in was situated in the Cesspool.

Shadow Snake

In 243 HE, she began using the legend of the Shadow Snake to profit from her neighbors. She ruled her family with a strong hand. She made one of her daughters stay with her although she was beating her and even bullied her youngest son into helping her kidnap and murder children as the Shadow Snake. Beka Cooper, a Guardswoman at this time, used her magic and determination to track down the Shadow Snake and bring them to justice, especially since the Shadow Snake had kidnapped and killed Rolond Lofts, Tansy Loft's three year old son.

She was arrested by Beka Cooper on May 11, 246 HE and sent to Execution Hill[9].

Physical description

Mistress Noll was a plump woman who wears her gray hair braided, pinned and coiled at the back of her head. She had brown eyes, a small nose and a straight mouth.[1]

Personality and traits

Mistress Noll was a child killer and a criminal. She didn't have respect for human life around her and was very ambitious to the point of being murderous. She killed to further her family's station in life and to get revenge on people who didn't really do her any lasting harm, like Tansy Lofts. Despite this, she was outwardly a very gentle person, and feigned kindness in order for others to trust and like her. She allowed her daughter to be abused and hit by her son, and hit her daughter herself.


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